Growth vs Climate Conference 2024

The Green Divide

Join us on March 13 at 8pm at Cine Maldà!

The Green Divide, a documentary about the impact of greening and redevelopment on social justice in cities across North America and Europe, will be screened on March 13th at 8pm at Cine Maldà in the Gòtic neighborhood of Barcelona (Carrer del Pi, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Metro Placa Catalunya). It will be followed by a discussion with filmmaker Alberto Bougleux and some of the participants in the documentary. Free and Open Entry to all conference attendees

In recent years, greening agendas have come to the forefront of urban development and sustainability agendas in many cities across Europe and North America. Despite widespread municipal efforts to improve livability through amenities like parks, green corridors and urban farms, urban greening is increasingly linked to real estate speculation, housing inequities, gentrification, and social and physical displacement in mostly working class and racialized neighborhoods. In response, residents are organizing to promote urban development in the form of housing rights, anti displacement policies and improved public and green space. The Green Divide documents stories from neighborhoods in North America and Europe, where the tension between municipal greening agendas and local community struggles results in new forms of activism and participation for improving the rights of all residents to the green and healthy city.


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